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Wall Removal Tips

Garage Wall Removal or Repair!

Do you think your garage needs a makeover?  read more

D.I.Y. Wall Removal - Careful Now!

Whoops! Careful now. If you're a D.I.Y. home renovator you may be in danger tearing down walls.  You might want to leave such a job to the experts. read more

To Remove Or Not To Remove - That Is The Question

To remove or not to remove?  That's the first question we always ask our valued clients when planning a home renovation. read more

Do You Think We Need More Room?

If it's hard to walk around the house, if you feel trapped in pokey little rooms, if your house does not have wide open living spaces, then wall removal may be the fast, easy solution. read more

Finally, A Much Larger Room

After a few weeks of working on one of our client's home, we finally got finished and the result is EXCELLENT. read more

Big or Small, We Can Take Care of It

Big or small, we can take care of it. We at Active Wall Removal are always ready whether you have a large wall to be removed. No problem, we can do that! read more

When Removing a Wall Planning Is Key

"Yeah, we're ready to knock down that wall! Woohoo! Wait, after we knock the wall down, what should we do next?" read more

Electrical Wiring - Very Dangerous When Removing Walls!

You think it's as simple as knocking a wall down? Well, you're wrong! read more

Pre-Wall-Removal Checklist

Exciting, you've got a wall removal idea to improve your home...  Wait a second! Before you attack the wall with a hammer, you might want to do this pre-wall-removal checklist.  read more

Wow! Wall Removed More Room

Who doesn't want to have more living room?  read more

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