How to knock down a wall

1.To make sure the job is done properly contact us at Active Wall Removal for a quote, it’s important to have a fully licensed and insured builder.

2.We can ascertain whether or not the wall is load bearing. Our years of experience make us the perfect choice conduct the knockdown project if the wall is not load-bearing and where no electrical work is involved. If the wall is load-bearing, we engage the skills of a trusted structural engineer.

3.The structural engineer would inspect the house and any plans obtained from council and come up with at least one method to ensure the structural integrity of your home once the load-bearing wall has been removed. Often this process includes inserting extra studs or bracing in adjoining walls and new steel or timber support beams.

4.At this stage you should also talk to your structural engineer about:

  • Methods of maintaining structural integrity:There are often multiple ways to achieve structural integrity, depending on the level of seamlessness desired. For example, knocking down a wall and replacing it with a kitchen counter or external ceiling beam can result in less need for internal structural modification.
  • Powerpoints:When you have powerpoints in the way, or there is a chance of hitting electrical cabling during the knockdown process, we can arrange an electrician to inspect before work starts. 
  • Adjoining neighbours:If you live in a unit, apartment with adjoining neighbours you will need to address the project with strata management. Reinforcing methodsmay require excavation into neighbouring structures, which can make the process more difficult – if not impossible.
  • Floors and ceilings: Another aspect to consider is what effect the knockdown will have on the overall look and structural properties of floors and ceilings. 
  • A Certificate provided by engineer: After the engineer has checked all the above and made the relevant structural calculations you will be provided a certificate which confirms the necessary beams to be used for proposal. Our quote is then based on this. This certificate can also be given to a body corporate or council if need be.