Fireplace and Chimney Removal

Why You Remove a Fireplace or a Chimney:

  • Don’t want or use the fire place.
  • Is your chimney damaged? Removing it maybe a cheaper option.
  • Do you have a problem with damp?
  • Do you want to make more space especially in a smaller room?

Option to remove all or part of a chimney:

  • It may be an option to remove the chimney stack below the roof
  • Chimney breast can be removed from one internal storey
  • Often the chimney breast can be removed from all rooms
  • In many cases it is possible to remove the chimney breast from attics or lofts.
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Things to remember when deciding to remove a chimney:

  • In Sydney, under the Party Wall etc. Act (1996), A Neighbours written consent must be received before some projects can begin if it is a shared chimney. With astand-alone stack this is not the case.
  • Many chimneys are free standing. Where none of the roof structure or floor joists are tied into the chimney brickwork. It may be possible remove the chimney but it should be removed all the way up to the roof. I would not recommend only removing the ground floor chimney breast because the remaining brickwork would have to support in some way or it would collapse.

Things to remember when deciding to remove a chimney:Things to remember when:

  • When a chimney stack is removed to below the roof, the roof timbers must be extended to join the wall, and matching tiles or slates found to fill the space.
  • If only part of the chimney breast is to be removed, the remaining brickwork above must be supported with an RSJ (rolled steel joist) supported on gallows brackets; wooden beams are not satisfactory.
  • If a chimney breast is removed in a room, a decision whether to replace the hearth would need to be made; if you do this the joists and floorboards need to be extended. Damage may be caused to the ceiling of the room below.

Easy Steps for Removing Chimney from Your Living Room

    Chimneys are the double edge sword. On one side, when they are attractive they add a beautiful centerpiece to your room that offers romantic feelings and also serves as a vital heating source. But, on the other side, if they remain unused and look ugly, they can bring the entire look of a room down. …

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