Easy Steps for Removing Chimney from Your Living Room

Chimneys are the double edge sword. On one side, when they are attractive they add a beautiful centerpiece to your room that offers romantic feelings and also serves as a vital heating source. But, on the other side, if they remain unused and look ugly, they can bring the entire look of a room down.

An unwanted chimney not only looks bad, it allows warm air from the home to escape and allows cold air to enter. This will compromise your home heating efficiency.

The other negative of an unwanted Chimney is that they take up more of your living room space and they are out of fashion now. This is why most people are now looking for chimney removal ideas to make more space for the room and provide clean lines and walls, which is a more attractive area.

So, here we have come up with the quick ways that can help you in the fireplace removal easily. Follow the steps and start the procedure.

1.  Protect yourself and your home first

Most of the time, you need a building permit for carrying out some major renovations. Get the permit before starting work. It is important to protect the floor at the time of chimney removal, so put the half-inch pieces of plywood all around the area of the fireplace to avoid any damage by bricks.

2.  Remove chimney

Climb on the roof to get access to the chimney in case you have fireplace bricks. Chisel the mortar around fireplace bricks for removing it individually. Keep working on your way down to the chimney base. Continue removing bricks layer by layer until the chimney is below the roofline. Cover the hole on the roof with plywood that is moisture-proof in nature. You can also leave it open if you want good ventilation. Now add the waterproof layer of tar paper over the plywood and add the tiles or shingles matching with the rest of the roof.

3.  Tear out fireplace

If you remove the chimney, continue from the attic to the living room. If you don’t need an inner brick of chimney removal, then start with the top most exposed brick in the fireplace. Remove all the bricks completely and cover the area with plywood and give it the finish as you like.


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