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Regrets Over DIY Wall Removal

"I should've called the experts!" read more

Wall Removal: Do I Really Need an Expert?

Do I really need a Wall Removal expert? read more

Can I Remove This Wall On My Own?

QUESTION - Can I remove this wall on my own? read more

Wall Removal - Load Bearing Walls

QUESTION - Can you take down load bearing walls?
Yes, but it's not a DIY job to remove load bearing walls in your home. You will need experts to do the job for you. read more

Help, I need to enlarge the living room!

"Please help, my living room is to small and not practical.  I need a space for the lounge and TV and an area for the dining table.  I want to remove a single wall so the living room and a small office room can be one large, open space." read more

Interior Re-Modelling - Make Room

Happy new year! So, what can we do to improve our home and life in 2018? read more

Wall Removal - How much does it cost?

How much does it cost? read more

You Talk, We Listen!

Before we start any wall removal project, we always see to it that we get all your requirements (true objective) correct. We don't just show up and bring walls down. No! We ask for details from you, we want to know your ideal outcome and vision, we want to know how you'll use and enjoy the new space. read more

Leave it to the experts!

Are you used to doing your home improvements yourself and used to being a D-I-Y guy? If you are not getting a great result then you need to think twice before attacking your HOME again! read more

Plan, plan, plan!

"I will remove this wall! No wait, I think I'll remove this one instead". read more

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